Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Compass)

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The average Joe taxpayer. This is a dream,not reality based at all. I wish it wasnt but unfortunately money rolls the planet. AJ Hoge brought me here. Thanks GAV. I have been thinking the same thing as what Alan said for quite sometime.

Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Compass)

Thanks again for reminding this. This is so wrong. Here, in eastern country we need to work very, very hard, YES, even doing the things we hate first to survive, then to do what we really like. BTW, have you ever thought where did it come from, your countries wealth? Yes, smarter governments and hard working people is the one thing. But also — from wars. From slave labor. From colonies. Uncomfortable truth. In your country you have to do… whatever. Get A job. Any job.


And you can afford doing whatever you like. If the thing you like is not being a bum here, or live in a small cage is not your kind of thing — any work is not enough here, outside G8.

You have to make a career to earn anything else. The problem is, in this world, not everybody can make this choice. Differences in wealthness become limitations in your choices whithin this system. Well, not completely. Oh, and that one friend that managed to find a job in drawing, and ended up hating his passion because he had to obey artistic and awfull orders from above. You need money to survive and fund your passions. Work should be a sideline, an afterthought, something you do to keep your passion and yourself fed — and you might be surprised that your passion eventually turns out to be something people will pay you for.

My apologies. Sometime, somewhere, back in the s, Ron Livsey inherited a Teardrop trailer from a grizzled old prospector buddy of his.

Nowadays all are aware about the web forms visible in various sites. You may notice that the concept of compensation plan may seem to be common in the networking industry. The specific combination of reps, sets, exercises, and weight depends upon the desires of the body builder. However, there are several online interfaces available where one needs to click on different types of options to send HTML code in email or to generate HTML code. He knew the system well enough to not pay many of his suppliers and sub-contractors, then would cover it up up by handing out fake lien releases to make it look like they were paid.

You can make corrections directly instead of having to search mistake through the code, if something does not seem OK for you. Thanks a lot, Gav!

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A million thanks! This really Helped so much. I own money not the other way around!!! Just to remind that when people dream, their stomachs still call. This is a beautiful and true sentiment. You still need to earn money to live! I just started viewing your website today and ive read 10 comic posts so far, and cried 8 times.

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This one by far touched me the most. Thanks for reminding me that life is not all about your job or the money that you make.

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Please continue inspiring others through your work. Again, thank you for waking up a part of me i thought was lost …. Looking forward to more amazing works! I loved this comic.

Zen and the Art of Making a Living: A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design (Compass)

What is astonishing to me is how many negative comments there were. I have lost nearly everything home, work, and money and am faced with starting over. Yes, I believe in doing what you have to do to pay the bills — for the short term. I have spent the summer working at different jobs for minimum wage just to survive.

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When I am washing cars or serving fast food, I never cease to dream and to plan a better way of life, and that hope is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Even if I never did reach my goals, I would still be better off for having them than I would for a dull resignation to my fate. Life has knocked me down many times in the last few months up to the point of nearly killing me , but I still believe that success consists of getting up just one more time, and I will keep doing so as long as I am on this planet.

If you meet the person who is still smiling at you while sweeping floors in her ugly polyester uniform, know that she is smiling because she keeps hope alive in her heart. I hope to present one thing again and aid others like you helped me. I watched a video clip with same words 2 months ago I guess, and as a result I started doing what I wanted to do all life……and now I am in business. And thanks for sharing this in a more interactive way. Stay blessed.

I totally agree with you, the best way to be happy is do what you love. Well, People who identify their true desire are luckiest people on the face of earth. Unfortunately, most people have the desire of having a lot of money, no matter how. Such people adopt any means for it and end up doing something they dont like. However, as for what I love to do and am most passionate about are actions which for the vast amount of time I am proud to say are not only extremely dangerous to engage in but highly illegal as well.

From writing blasphemous articles to cutting edge and cruel satire that was so good it was seen fit to be deleted entirely from the Internet by orders of the State. From writing poetry that was so good it was seen fit to be burned by those professing love for me and by the fair weather friend who has memorized the Four Noble Truths. So what about Watts? Had he written so much as one verse that was then or is even now so dangerous to the one world banking system that his writings are even worth the effort to censor them? So enjoy riding your horse, petting your dog or feeding your cat knowing that all of them have a better and longer life than the millions of children who die of starvation before they are five years old and who you have absolutely no responsibility for…because that is THEIR karma.

So, the moral of the story is to liquidate your assets, go off and do something crazy, and die homeless and starving on the streets so that I can avoid having a job? Um… No. Nice job completely failing to understand the comic. Go to university for knowledge, for history or english or whatever else you want to do, while you work your day job, and if necessary keep working that day job while you make your life about pursuing something you actually find makes you happy. It suggests that maybe you should be looking at long-term career prospects that give you job satisfaction.

Everytime I read a Zen Poster, I get this urge to chuck my boring white collar job and pursue the thing that will give me the satisfaction. Is this supposed to be enlightening?

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Woah, we really needed a philosopher to get to that! Nothing in this comic is anti-work, or even necessarily anti-money. Love this comic and this blog. Really great to see familiar ideas in new ways and get exposed to new ones in some really kick ass comics, frankly. Thanks for doing this. Our viewpoint in out conduct most often changes how we see things.

Sometimes this alteration is good and sometimes bad but it is our outlook that influences the way we feel. Well done and keep at it!