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Book of Proverbs Synopsis: Statistics And Summary of Main Topics.

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The Summaries

Print Twitter Facebook Email. It is likely that the Book of Proverbs formed part of the education for Hebrew youth after the Israelite exile and return to the promised land. The Book of Proverbs is divided into four main sections, with three additional sections, or appendices, included at the end. The voice of Wisdom assumes different forms.

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However, Wisdom also identifies itself with God. The next three sections of Proverbs contain the proverbs of Solomon and the sayings of the wise.

Sermon: Get Wisdom - Part 1 (Proverbs 1:1-19)

The speaker usually assumes the voice and authority of a king. Many of the proverbs follow the formula of antithetical parallelism, a convention in which the proverb is stated in two poetic lines, and one line describes a type of good or wise behavior while the other describes its evil or foolish opposite.


The final three sections in Proverbs include the brief oracles of Agur and King Lemuel and a closing lesson on how to select a good wife. Proverbs closes by calling for her family and the community to praise her. According to the proverbs, the moderate person avoids the excesses of the foolish, including excessive drinking, eating, sleeping, gossiping, and rage.

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