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Ethical questions about cloning extinct species to introduce them into an environment for which neither the animal nor the environment is prepared are purely the domain of theoretical science as until science has progress to the point of creating the technology to do it. Jurassic Park is a not just a movie that transformed cinematic special efforts forever, it also transformed movie marketing.

Long before the film finally hit theaters, nearly every American who ever got out of the house probably saw some merchandise with the iconic Jurassic Park logo stamped on it.

Jurassic Park Themes

As a result, it can be hard to swallow the argument that the most pervasive theme in the film is its blistering critique of capitalism. The lawyer who suggests raising admission prices to turn the park into the exclusive domain of the rich gets eaten while on the toilet. The computer genius whose greed leads him into the murky waters of corporate espionage comes to a particularly ghastly end.

That theme conveys wonder and discovery in a magical way that seems impossible to improve upon. That is, until you see the theme being conducted by a T-Rex, or at least a conductor who happens to either be a good sport or a dinosaur enthusiast.

Jurassic Park Themes

My entire life has led to this moment T-Rex conducting the Jurassic Park theme song. Oh yeah, that conductor didn't have to be talked into this. Judging by the little jumps, the tail-wagging and the head-bobbing, the conductor is probably the one who came up with this idea in the first place. I can't imagine conducting while wearing such a cumbersome suit was easy, but this conductor did it with style and gusto. The T-Rex head bobbing to the music is just so charming and funny.

Jurassic Park (1993 film) Themes

I like that the T-Rex is a bright orange? It's a bold choice, but considering that we are still discovering what color dinosaurs actually were, it might even be an accurate one.

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Watch A T-Rex Conduct A Symphony Playing The Jurassic Park Theme

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Jurassic Park

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