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Rating: 8 out of Girls came up to him and kissed him. Director Tim Wardle tells the story through recreations, present-day interviews with his subjects, and plenty of detail.

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Three Identical Strangers is the amazing true tale of those two strangers who met, age 19, and discovered that they were brothers. All three brothers lived within miles of each other. Maybe you read about them partying at Studio 54, or saw them onscreen in Desperately Seeking Susan, in a non-speaking cameo ogling Madonna. The brothers were raised in three different economic environments, with parents who had varied disciplinary styles: they seemed to be walking, talking examples of nature triumphing over nurture.

But while the boys were euphoric, the parents were outraged. None had been told that the baby boy they adopted at six months was a multiple. A meeting arranged at Louise Wise, a prestigious adoption agency which specialized in Jewish families, provided only the thin explanation that three babies were more difficult to place together. New characters are introduced, like the Austrian Holocaust refugee and the California resident who remembers fondly a kiss from Barack Obama.

This article explores narratives of strangerhood given by young migrants from sub-Saharan Africa some arriving without documentation and in noncompliance with immigration laws living in Malta. The article draws on Simmel's positioning of the stranger as both proximate and distant—and, therefore, in ambiguous social space—and on Douglas's work on pollution.

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The article draws on material from a series of interviews with young migrants and shows how they attempt to make sense of their often-stigmatized identities. The analysis considers their reflections on how others position them, and how they position themselves, as immigrants in Maltese society. The study concludes by touching on the broad implications of the analysis for theorizing the position of migrants, as strangers, in social space and for policy development in this field.

Skip to Main Content. Authenticity, or lack of it, is a factor. We had some good singers but even then they were often releasing weak cover versions of US hits. Larry Parnes is infamous for wanting to bed his clients but in reality he was castrating them.

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He wanted them as family entertainers and if his artists had other ideas, like Dickie Pride, Georgie Fame or Duffy Power, they found it was my way or the highway. As we go through the British records which hit the US charts, you will find it a sorry state of affairs, but it can all be summarised quite simply: everyone was clueless.

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This is why writing about it is such fun. What was wrong with the sombre-suited Dickie Valentine or the vivacious Alma Cogan in her party dresses?

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Over in America, the changes came more swiftly and with less of a jolt. In the big cities there were scores of small independent record labels owned by dynamic and sometimes unscrupulous entrepreneurs. The local radio stations were keen to push the new product, sometimes with a little payola, and the majors had to keep up. In a clear example of taking coals to Newcastle, some skiffle records were released in the US. He did a parody of Elvis on the flip; they were both very funny.


Few people in the US took Donegan seriously as Rock Island Line was promoted as a novelty record, which, in a way, was fair enough. Donegan felt he had stepped onto another planet. Draper went Top 10 while McDevitt ran out of steam at No Goodwin was one of several British bandleaders who did well on the US charts. I loved doing songs about a way to live your life.

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Unfortunately, the lyric did not convince her husband, Harry Claff, the box office manager of the London Palladium. In he was imprisoned for embezzlement, his defence being that he had only borrowed the money from the Palladium and was going to pay it back. Yeah, right. In the case of Exodus, it was advertising three hours of turgid drama about the partition of Palestine.

They had been devised by the arranger Ronald Binge, who has been written out of the history books: maybe that surname went against him. Several British records of s referred to conscription, many were yearning ballads for soldiers who were away from home.

My whole suit was covered in dust and I could never get it out. A few months later vocal versions by Andy Williams and The Drifters were moderate successes.

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It was written by Joe Meek, who used the royalties to create his recording studio. It was different to the approach Colonel Parker developed for Elvis, where he was marketed to appear godlike. He ended up singing for pensioners on park and ride buses in Clwyd. It was on Parlophone, part of EMI. Instead they would lease tracks to small independents if they were interested.

Capitol released the single with a big push and it topped the US charts. It became a world hit and I remember walking down Broadway as a guest of Capitol. Laurie could have been another Al Jolson.