Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie: A Fractured Nursery Rhyme

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The world watches in horror as the explosion unfolds in close-up slow-motion. Kirsten Campbell escapes the blast but her twin brother is caught inside it. She can do nothing but watch him there, frozen, as she ages. Meanwhile the explosion, and then Kirsten herself, become the focus for cataclysmic change the world over. The two children run, screaming with delight.

Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie: A Fractured Nursery Rhyme

Around the legs of the adults in the crowd, legs like planted trees. They run in easy harmony as they veer left or right, speeding up or slowing down together without needing to watch each other. They laugh so much they can barely breathe. They hold hands, letting go only at the last moment as they split off to go around someone before reuniting. The Siege of Peter Marak. July Freebies! Available for a limited time:. Just Passing Through. The Super Chronicles, 2.

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Sixpence and Rye and a. A Fractured Nursery Rhyme. This white veil awaits my next thought.

Teen and Young Adult. Western Romance. Email her at pakazo77 at gmail.

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Suitable for children ages Ken Hicks will be happy to tell you how to download it -- email him at: khicks at aol. Lee McKenzie. He writes full, detailed and helpful crits that appear on his blog. Contact him at: mattmrush at gmail. Download it HERE. Margarets was founded in but the original church burned down in It was rebuilt at the expense of Robert Large who was Lord Mayor of London at the time of the disaster.

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The "Bullseyes and Targets" refer to archery which was practised in the nearby fields. This tradition continued, thus ensuring the safety of the Realm, until Bows were replaced with guns. Oliver Cromwell was married in the church on 22nd August The "Brickbats and Tiles" refers to the bricks and tiles used by nearby builders. Martins The Bells of St. Only the bell tower, complete with the original bell, has survived in the rectory of St Clements.

The King was aware of the risk of fire in Baker's shops and ensured that this task was conducted away from the palaces. In the London of the medieval houses were half timbered, with pitch, and most had thatched roofs - the recipe for disaster in terms of fire risks! The old St Paul's cathedral was destroyed in the fire together with A total of 13, houses were also destroyed but amazingly only 6 were known to have died! Sir Christopher Wren, the great architect, was tasked with the reconstruction of London and built 49 new churches together with the great cathedral of St.

Paul's over a period of 35 years! The city was not subject to re-planning and houses were replaced on exactly the sites of the buildings which were destroyed.

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  • To this day the City of London has the same structure which dates back to medieval times! A final note on the Great Fire! It dates back to AD when it was the site of the Roman basilica built by Lucius, the first Christian ruler of Britain. The name Cornhill derives from the Corn Market which was situated there and dated back to Roman times.

    An earlier church is mentioned in records dating back to - its bell was faulty and Robert Mott, Master Founder of the Aldgate Foundry, was casting a new bell.

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    It was hung in the steeple but shortly after the church was destroyed in the Great Fire of London and subsequently rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren in The reference to "Pancakes and Fritters" alludes to the wares which were sold to the local workers - the 'fast food' of old London! The foundry was established in and famous for making the Liberty Bell which was shipped to America in and for making the 'Clock Bells' of St Paul's cathedral in The best bells were made 'at the sign of the three bells' in Whitechapel.

    We are unable to trace the origins of "Two Sticks and an Apple" however the foundry produced hand bells - similar in shape to toffee apples - could be a connection. We also know that the transportation of bells to other parts of London drew great crowds and the atmosphere was similar to that of a fair where of course toffee apples were traditionally eaten The Bells of St.

    The church of St Katharine Cree was established as a separate church in the 's. It took its name from the original priory as the word 'Cree' is an abbreviation of "Christ Church". The body of the church was rebuilt in during the years preceding the Civil War, and is one of only eight churches in the City to survive the Great Fire of London. St Katherine Cree is located near Leadenhall market. The market was so called as it was located, in the 14th century, around a great house which boasted a lead roof. In the market was partially destroyed in the Great Fire of London. The Tower of London was built in - 97 by William the Conqueror.

    A gruesome discovery was made under the stairs leading to the chapel. The Tower of London was used as a prison for many years and the "Pokers and Tongs" refer to the instruments of torture which were used there! We recommend castles. The original church was devastated during the Great Fire of London in and was the eleventh church built by Sir Christopher Wren and finished in he built 49 churches and the new St Paul's Cathedral! The church was hit by a bomb during World War II and required extensive reconstruction.

    The "Kettles and Pans" refer to the utensils sold by the coppersmiths who worked nearby. The Bells of Aldgate - Church of St. Botolph's The bells of Aldgate do not refer to principally to a church but to the Aldgate Bell foundry. A Master Founder, called Robert Chamberlain, can be traced back through records dated Botolph's in Aldgate. The Church of St. Botolph's is mentioned in records dating back to The name was taken as a derivative of "Botolph's town" which became known "Boston".

    The current church was erected between and and dedicated to the Patron Saint of Travellers and Itinerants. Catherine Eddowes, a victim of the notorious Jack the Ripper was seen drunk in the vicinity of the church on the night of her murder on 30th September A bald pate was a colloquialism used to describe a bald-headed person. Helen's A Benedictine nunnery originally formed part of the church which dates back to The convent buildings and land was acquired in by the Leathersellers' Company.

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    The church was frequented by many rich merchants who lived in the area. As his nickname indicates he was extremely wealthy as well as being very mean. He also operated as a money lender and explains the reference "You owe me Ten Shillings" in the rhyme. Sepulchre-without-Newgate church and the bell of Newgate prison! Sepulchre-without-Newgate is the largest church in the City of London and was sited opposite London's courthouse and the infamous Newgate prison which housed both criminals and debtors. The bell of St. Sepulchre marked the time death knell of imminent executions until Newgate prison acquired its own bell.

    A church has stood on this site since The church was a useful meeting point for the Knights embarking on a crusade as it was positioned just outside a city gate. The church was destroyed by the Great Fire of London and rebuilt by Wren in The medieval courthouse of London was destroyed in the Great Fire of and was replaced by London's Central Criminal Court which was used during The local name for the court was the 'Old Bailey' which was so-called after the street in which it was located Bailey Street which was right next to Newgate Prison. The phrase "When will you pay me?

    There has been a Church on the site of St. Leonards since 12th Century. St Leonards was often frequented by Elizabethan actors as it was located near to the first purpose built theatre called 'The Theatre' and also in close proximity to the 'Curtain Theatre'. The current church, was built rebuilt in but its churchyard still holds earlier graves including those of many actors including William Shakespeare's friend and builder of the Curtain Theatre, Richard Burbage. The area was considered a very poor district of London.

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    • In , the Shoreditch Vestry levied a special poor rate for the purpose of setting up a workhouse for the parish of St Leonard's which illustrates the level of poverty in the area. The hopeful phrase " When I grow rich" must have been echoed by many of the inhabitants of Shoreditch. A church has stood on the site prior to AD, when a stone church was erected, replacing the previous wooden structure. The existing building is the third church to be built on this site and was erected in There are ten bells in the belfry, dating back to , some which were made at the local Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

      St Dunstan's has a long traditional link with the sea and it was once known as the 'Church of the High Seas'. Many sailors were buried in the churchyard. The phrase "When will that be? This was particularly relevant during the 16th and 17th centuries when many sailors were employed on Voyages of Discovery to the New Worlds - their wives would have to wait for their return to receive any wages, but they never knew how long the voyages might be - a two year wait was not uncommon! There has been a church on this site dating back to before the arrival of the Normans in In the first reference to Bow bells were made in relation to the building of the steeple.

      In the poet and Minister John Donne died and left a bequest for the upkeep of Bow bell. John Donne wrote the famous poem 'For whom the bell tolls' No man is an island! The current building was built by Sir Christopher Wren between and , after the Great Fire of London destroyed the previous church. Dick Whittington - Lord Mayor of London! Dick Whittington, who the famous children's story and pantomime is based on, was a real person - He was a Mercer a dealer in cloth and was elected Lord Mayor of London four times. In the children's story Dick Whittington leaves London with his cat but is called back by the sound of the ringing of Bow bells.