Silence Broken: My Voice, Her Voice

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Tossed by the fierce winds, chased by the gale, they drift into the eddies and disappear within the first great vortex.

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If through the Hall of Wisdom, thou would'st reach the Vale of Bliss, Disciple, close fast thy senses against the great dire heresy of separateness that weans thee from the rest. Mara is in exoteric religions a demon, an Asura, but in esoteric philosophy it is personified temptation through men's vices, and translated literally means "that which kills" the Soul. It is represented as a King of the Maras with a crown in which shines a jewel of such lustre that it blinds those who look at it, this lustre referring of course to the fascination exercised by vice upon certain natures.

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Let not thy "Heaven-born," merged in the sea of Maya, break from the Universal Parent SOUL , but let the fiery power retire into the inmost chamber, the chamber of the Heart 1 and the abode of the World's Mother. Then from the heart that Power shall rise into the sixth, the middle region, the place between thine eyes, when it becomes the breath of the ONE-SOUL, the voice which filleth all, thy Master's voice.

Before thou set'st thy foot upon the ladder's ——————————————————————————————. The "fiery power" is Kundalini. The "Power" and the "World-mother" are names given to Kundalini—one of the mystic "Yogi powers. It is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which when aroused into action can as easily kill as it can create.

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Keshara or "sky-walker" or "goer. Adhyaya of that king of mystic works the Dhyaneshvari —the body of the Yogi becomes as one formed of the wind; as "a cloud from which limbs have sprouted out," after which —"he the Yogi beholds the things beyond the seas and stars; he hears the language of the Devas and comprehends it, and perceives what is passing in the mind of the ant. The first is like the nightingale's sweet voice chanting a song of parting to its mate. The second comes as the sound of a silver cymbal of the Dhyanis, awakening the twinkling stars.

The next is as the plaint melodious of the ocean-sprite imprisoned in its shell. And this is followed by the chant of Vina. The fifth like sound of bamboo-flute shrills in thine ear. The last vibrates like the dull rumbling of a thunder-cloud. Vina is an Indian stringed instrument like a lute. The seventh swallows all the other sounds. They die, and then are heard no more. When the six 1 are slain and at the Master's feet are laid, then is the pupil merged into the ONE, 2 becomes that ONE and lives therein. Before that path is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, 3 cleanse thy mind-body 4 and make clean thy heart.

Eternal life's pure waters, clear and crystal, with the monsoon tempest's muddy torrents cannot mingle. Heaven's dew-drop glittering in the morn's first sun-beam within the bosom of the lotus, when dropped on earth becomes a piece of clay; behold, the pearl is now a speck of mire. The six principles; meaning when the lower personality is destroyed and the inner individuality is merged into and lost in the Seventh or Spirit. The astral form produced by the Kamic principle, the Kama-rupa or body of desire. The first refers to the astral or personal Self; the second to the individuality or the reincarnating Ego whose consciousness on our plane or the lower Manas —has to be paralyzed.

Strive with thy thoughts unclean before they overpower thee.

Follow the Fader

Use them as they will thee, for if thou sparest them and they take root and grow, know well, these thoughts will overpower and kill thee. Beware, Disciple, suffer not, e'en though it be their shadow, to approach. For it will grow, increase in size and power, and then this thing of darkness will absorb thy being before thou hast well realized the black foul monster's presence. Before the "mystic Power" 1 can make of thee a god, Lanoo, thou must have gained the faculty to slay thy lunar form at will. One of the twain must disappear; there is no place for both. Ere thy Soul's mind can understand, the bud of personality must be crushed out, the worm of sense destroyed past resurrection.

Kundalini is called the "Serpent Power" or mystic fire. Kundalini is called the "Serpentine" or the annular power on account on its spiral-like working or progress in the body of the ascetic developing the power in himself. It is an electric fiery occult or Fohatic power, the great pristine force, which underlies all organic and inorganic matter. Thou canst not travel on the Path before thou hast become that Path itself. Let thy Soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun. Let not the fierce Sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye.

But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain, nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed. These tears, O thou of heart most merciful, these are the streams that irrigate the fields of charity immortal. This "Path" is mentioned in all the Mystic Works. As Krishna says in the Dhyaneshvari: "When this Path is beheld. In this path, to whatever place one would go, that place one's own self becomes. Adeptship—the "blossom of Bodhisattva. It is the seed of freedom from rebirth.

Manual Silence Broken: My Voice, Her Voice

It isolates the Arhat both from strife and lust, it leads him through the fields of Being unto the peace and bliss known only in the land of Silence and Non-Being. Kill out desire; but if thou killest it take heed lest from the dead it should again arise. Kill love of life, but if thou slayest tanha , 1 let this not be for thirst of life eternal, but to replace the fleeting by the everlasting. Desire nothing. Chafe not at Karma, nor at Nature's changeless laws. But struggle only with the personal, the transitory, the evanescent and the perishable. Help Nature and work on with her; and Nature will regard thee as one of her creators and make obeisance.

And she will open wide before thee the por- ——————————————————————————————. Tanha —"the will to live," the fear of death and love for life, that force or energy which causes the rebirths.

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Unsullied by the hand of matter she shows her treasures only to the eye of Spirit—the eye which never closes, the eye for which there is no veil in all her kingdoms. Then will she show thee the means and way, the first gate and the second, the third, up to the very seventh. And then, the goal—beyond which lie, bathed in the sunlight of the Spirit, glories untold, unseen by any save the eye of Soul. There is but one road to the Path; at its very end alone the "Voice of the Silence" can be heard.

The ladder by which the candidate ascends is formed of rungs of suffering and pain; these can be silenced only by the voice of virtue. Woe, then, to thee, Disciple, if there is one single vice thou hast not left behind. For then the ladder will give way and overthrow thee; its foot rests in the deep mire of thy sins and failings, and ere thou canst attempt to cross this wide abyss of matter thou hast to. Beware lest thou should'st set a foot still soiled upon the ladder's lowest rung.

Woe unto him who dares pollute one rung with miry feet. The foul and viscous mud will dry, become tenacious, then glue his feet unto the spot, and like a bird caught in the wily fowler's lime, he will be stayed from further progress.

Break Your Silence

His vices will take shape and drag him down. His sins will raise their voices like as the jackal's laugh and sob after the sun goes down; his thoughts become an army, and bear him off a captive slave. Kill thy desires, Lanoo, make thy vices impotent, ere the first step is taken on the solemn journey. Strangle thy sins, and make them dumb for ever, before thou dost lift one foot to mount the ladder. Silence thy thoughts and fix thy whole attention on thy Master whom yet thou dost not see, but whom thou feelest.

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  4. Merge into one sense thy senses, if thou would'st be secure against the foe. Long and weary is the way before thee, O Disciple. One single thought about the past that thou hast left behind, will drag thee down and thou wilt have to start the climb anew. Kill in thyself all memory of past experiences. Look not behind or thou art lost. Do not believe that lust can ever be killed out if gratified or satiated, for this is an abomination inspired by Mara.

    It is by feeding vice that it expands and waxes strong, like to the worm that fattens on the blossom's heart.

    The rose must re-become the bud born of its parent stem, before the parasite has eaten through its heart and drunk its life-sap. The golden tree puts forth its jewel-buds before its trunk is withered by the storm. The pupil must regain the child-state he has lost ere the first sound can fall upon his ear.

    The light from the ONE Master, the one unfading golden light of Spirit, shoots its effulgent beams on the disciple from the very first. Its rays thread through the thick dark clouds of matter. Now here, now there, these rays illumine it, like sun-sparks light the earth through the thick foliage of the jungle growth.

    But, O Disciple, unless the flesh is passive, head cool, the soul as firm and pure as flaming diamond, the radiance will not reach the chamber ,its sunlight will not warm the heart, nor will the mystic sounds of the Akasic heights 1 reach the ear, however eager, at the initial stage. Unless thou seest thou canst not hear. To hear and see this is the second stage. These mystic sounds or the melody heard by the ascetic at the beginning of his cycle of meditation called Anahad-shabd by the Yogis.

    When the disciple sees and hears, and when he smells and tastes, eyes closed ears shut, with mouth and nostrils stopped; when the four senses blend and ready are to pass into the fifth, that of the inner touch—then into stage the fourth he hath passed on. And in the fifth, O slayer of thy thoughts, all these again have to be killed beyond reanimation. Withhold thy mind from all external objects, all external sights. Withhold internal images, lest on thy Soul-light a dark shadow they should cast. When thou hast passed into the seventh, O happy one, thou shalt perceive no more the sa- ——————————————————————————————.

    This means that in the sixth stage of development which, in the occult system is Dharana, every sense as an individual faculty has to be "killed" or paralyzed on this plane, passing into and merging with the Seventh sense, the most spiritual.

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    7. See page 1, footnote No. Thyself and mind, like twins upon a line, the star which is thy goal, burns overhead. They have become one star, the fire that burns but scorches not, that fire which is the Upadhi 3 of the Flame. And this, O Yogi of success, is what men call Dhyana, 4 the right precursor of Samadhi.