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To celebrate the first one hundred years of Maserati, a special artistic project by Enzo Naso was commissioned: special-edition lithographs, inspired by vintage posters, will retrace Maserati's sporting success over the last century. Each limited-edition print comes in a special folder with an insert containing a brief description of the victory, an miniature image of the car, and the technical specifications of the model that starred in that particular competition.

Farbe Blau. Tell us about the future: what new destina- tions are on the cards? One big new destination is Bangladesh, which we visited in February and March. But my boss refused to be deterred — and it has turned out to be an excellent decision. What type of cruise guest books an expedi- tion like this? We have guests who travel with us so frequent- ly that they eventually know all our routes, and are eager for new destinations.

They would never travel to Bangladesh on their own — but are delighted to come with us because they know that Silversea organises safe and sensi- tive expeditions. Do you sometimes miss your idyllic home- town of Murnau in Upper Bavaria? I have seen so many things and places in my life but for me this region is still one of the most beautiful in the world. I have a deep affinity for mountains and for the countryside.

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Now, however, I travel the oceans and I live in Buenos Aires. Alles halb so wild. Droht ein Unwetter, kann man auch mal um einen Tag verschieben. Was ist das Faszinierende an der Antark- tis? Die meisten wollen Pinguine und Eis — beides gibt es zuhauf. Und die Reinheit, das Pure, das ist wirklich einmalig. Was hat es damit auf sich? Wenn immer nur einer profitiert, stiftet das Unfrieden. Wie sieht das aus? Wir von der Crew halten uns dabei im Hintergrund, wir koordinieren das Ganze nur.

Diese Jungs haben mit einem Stolz gespielt, es war unglaublich. Ein Blick voraus: Sind neue Destinationen in Planung? Als sie seinerzeit in der internen Silversea-Runde vorgestellt wurde, gab es zuerst viel Skepsis. Mein Chef hat sich aber nicht beirren lassen. Das war richtig so. Wer bucht dann so eine Reise?

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Sie wissen: Silversea machen sichere und sensible Operations. Nun bin ich aller- dings auf dem Wasser unterwegs und habe meinen Wohnsitz in Buenos Aires. Oh, da ist wohl etwas schiefgegangen. Digitalisierung On board. Digitalisation Daten ahoi! Digital communication and digital processes are playing an increasingly important role on board: we take a glimpse behind the scenes.

Da steht er nun mit geradezu erwartungs- vollem Blick: Pepper. He has numerous jobs on board, like assisting passengers during embarkation or helping them choose a restaurant.

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The key features of this diminutive robot include a inch touchscreen, 17 joints, three wheels and a 3D camera to detect people and movements. Then there are the applications that passengers rarely get to see, keeping everything running smoothly in the background on the bridge, below deck and on land.

The GE technical components were fitted in record-breaking time, largely due to the fact that the parts had already been tested and approved in France — in a real-time simulator. By assessing real-time asset health states, analytic tools will be able to inform operators to only replace components that are showing the tell-tale signs of wear or before a potential failure, thus helping to keep repair and maintenance spending as low as possible.

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While stringent regulations and new destinations may provide new challenges, - 41 -. Auch erlauben solche Daten, intelligente Entscheidun- gen zu treffen, z. Regulie- rungen und neue Routen sind Herausforderungen und Chance zugleich. Ihr Ziel: die Schifffahrt sicherer, effizienter und umweltfreund- licher zu machen — durch das Sammeln und den Austausch von Daten.

Marketing - Wie Machen Sie Ihre Produkte Unverwechselbar?

Auf dem Weg zum Cypership? Prozesse mit Energie- sparpotenzial wie Beschleunigung oder Bremsen werden dann von intelligenten Systemen an Bord gesteuert. Cruising 4. For instance, the Sea Traffic Management STM project, which is funded by the European Union and which over 50 businesses, authorities and institutions from 13 countries have signed up for. Its aim is to make shipping safer, more efficient and more eco-friendly by collecting and exchanging data.

The concept enables ships to avoid very busy routes and heavily trafficked areas or eco-sensi- tive zones, to exchange safety information and optimise the time spent in port. Are cyberships taking to the high seas?

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Classification society DNV GL has also joined the digital party and now not only offers shipping companies fleet monitoring software but has also recently opened its own fleet performance centres in Hamburg and Singapore. A small glimpse of what the future could hold are the first semi-autono- mous ferries that will start operating in Norway in Processes that have energy-saving potential, for instance acceleration or braking, would be controlled by smart systems on board.

The critical sections of a journey remain firmly under human control: the captain will still steer the ship during mooring and departing. Cruise passengers have every reason to look forward to this fast-approaching tidal wave of digital change. For them, digitalisation — both on and below deck — definitely guarantees even more safety, dependability and comfort. Der echte Norden. Was steckt dahinter? Welche Details verbergen sich hinter dem Konzept? Wie kam dieser Schritt zustande?

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Digitale Technologien sind inzwischen fester Bestandteil unseres Alltags. Unsere Schiffe und Bordangebote sprechen ganz verschiedene Altersgruppen an.

Wie gehen Sie damit um? Alle Systeme und Services entsprechen den geltenden Datenschutz- richtlinien. Wie geht es weiter mit MSC for Me? Digital technologies have become an essential part of our everyday life, and for us it was a logical step to integrate the benefits of digital services in the cruise experience to allow us to best address the evolv- ing needs of guests. From conceptualisation and construction to the launch of each ship, techni- cal progress opens up completely new options that make the cruise experience even better, safer and more individual.

For instance, MSC for Me not only includes convenient features, like the option of arranging dining times or booking a spa treatment, we also offer guests intuitive navigation assistance on the ship, a mobile check-in service and localised recommendations via GPS. So is the new programme also intended to attract younger target groups who have a greater affinity for digital media? Our ships and services on board are designed to appeal to many different age groups. Our guests can use as many or as few of the new digital services as best suits their needs.

Several different disciplines were involved in working on the Smart Ship concept and a number of external partners. How do you manage a complex collaboration like this? The team handles integrated development, the design and the construction of the new ships, and as part of this was also in charge of controlling the MSC for Me innovation programme all the way from concept to implementation on the MSC Meraviglia.

This roll-out was preceded by three years of close collaboration with behavioural scientists and digital and technology experts from enterprises like Deloitte Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Samsung. Just like in all other areas of the ship, the issue of internet safety and data protection for our guests on board takes top priority for us. All systems and services comply with the applicable data protection regulations. We are introducing MSC for Me on all our new- build ships.

MSC for Me will be a fixed part of the MSC cruise experience and it will give our guests much greater flexibility in many different areas. On the MSC Meraviglia and the MSC Sea- side we will be presenting a novel dinner concept with flexible dining times: Flexi-Dining will allow guests to change the time they dine daily during the cruise using the app.

Cruise passengers will be able to ex- perience all these benefits in summer direct from Hamburg when the MSC Meraviglia is based in the city. Now, the cruise line has just launched the MSC for Me service which promises a new dimension in quality on board — all thanks to digitalisa- tion. So how does it work?