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Giada Cugini. Lui mi sorprendeva sempre. Era bravo a mettere da parte l'orgoglio, a dirmi "fa lo stesso" quando lo stesso non faceva. Sapeva far ridere la gente, farla stare bene. Sapeva cucinare, a differenza mia. Era bravo a guidare, a prendere decisioni e a dare consigli anche se quelli che davano a lui, non li seguiva mai. Ogni giorno diventava una persona migliore, anche se in passato ne aveva combinate tante.

Mi ha sempre stupito il modo in cui riusciva a controllarsi. Se diceva "no" era no, "basta" era basta. Non come me che cambiavo idea ogni secondo. Lui era lui, e nessuno ci assomigliava. Emma Green. Lasciatevi trasportare al fianco delle nostre eroine in tre magnifiche storie d'amore e vivete con loro sull'orlo dell'emozione! Becker Fatalmente sua, di Kate B. Jacobson Le storie contenute in questo cofanetto possono essere lette separatemente.

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Darwyn Cooke. For over twenty years, the back stories of the now-iconic characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's landmark graphic novel had been the subject of much debate and theorizing. As the predecessor to the Watchmen, the Minutemen were assembled to fight against a world that have more and more rapidly begun to spin out of control. Can these heroes from completely different backgrounds and with completely different attitudes on crime come together? Or will they fall apart before they begin?

I bambini colorati. Juri Galli. In mezzo a tanti bambini di un solo colore, nasce Pietro, bimbo dai molti colori, come un ricordo del tempo in cui i bambini erano colorati Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War.

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Duane Swierczynski. Collects Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War You've seen Deadpool in countless and we mean countless comics before--but never like this. Want answers about Deadpool? Like why does he refuse to move his weird red-and-black mask? Why does he only answer to the name "Deadpool"? Was hereally part of a black bag special ops team that nobody has ever heard of? Were his teammates really given names like "Bullseye," "Silver Sable" and "Domino"?

What did Wilson know, and when did he know it? Life Is Strange 1.

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Emma Vieceli. Joshua Corin. Nobody does slapstick like Spidey and Deadpool do slapstick! But the walking cartoon has terrible comic timing, showing up exactly when the Merc with a Mouth and the webbed wonder have declared: no more jokes! But what could have driven them to take the funny out of their funny book?

Then, when the villainous Arcade decides to build a new, deadlier Murderworld in Madripoor, he invites by which we mean kidnaps Spider-Man to be its first guest! Amazing Spider-Man Vol.

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Dan Slott. It's the biggest Spider-event ever! When the evil Inheritors begin exterminating spider-characters throughout the multiverse, every single Spider-Man ever is needed to save the day! A spider-army gathers to fight Morlun and his deadly family, and the Superior Spider-Man intends to lead it! Our universe's amazing Spider-Man has an issue with that As the first skirmishes unfold into all-out war, Miles Morales shows his stuff, Silk finds a valuable edge, and a surprising Spider-character makes the scene!

As the Prophecy comes to fruition, every spider must fight But what does the Superior Spider-Man have up his sleeve? And what will the war's fallout mean for Peter Parker Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man Fables Vol. Bill Willingham. The tights and capes have been stored away forever, but it remains to be seen if Haven and its refugee inhabitants have survived the onslaught of. Where do the Fables go from here? Bigby and Snow White's cubs try to move forward after learning a hard lesson about life and death. And the loveable, fan-favorite hero Bufkin the Flying Monkey gets into more trouble when he finally reaches his homeland of Oz.

This Fables volume includes issues of the original series. Watchmen Edition.

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Alan Moore. Soon to be an HBO original series, Watchmen, the groundbreaking series from award-winning author Alan Moore, presents a world where the mere presence of American superheroes changed history--the U. Considered the greatest graphic novel in the history of the medium, the Hugo Award-winning story chronicles the fall from grace of a group of superheroes plagued by all-too-human failings. Along the way, the concept of the superhero is dissected as an unknown assassin stalks the erstwhile heroes.

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The Flash: Rebirth: Issues Geoff Johns. But how will this greatest of all Flashes find his place in the twenty-first century? Harrow County Volume 6: Hedge Magic. Cullen Bunn. As the guardian of Harrow County, Emmy is not surprised that someone has come to ask for her help. But she is surprised that her visitor is a haint!

Someone or something has been attacking Harrow County's supernatural residents, and Emmy is surprised to learn that one of her oldest friends may be turning against her. While Emmy has been focused on dealing with threats from the outside world, perhaps a much bigger problem has been brewing at home. This paperback collects issues of the award-winning horror comic Harrow County.

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Scrivere ganzo! Marianna Martino. Ti capita mai di chiederti: ma obiettivo si scrive con una o due B?