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You don't need to repeat it, repeat it I hared it the first time time time Well, you won't stop by And tell me what the trouble is I couldn't care less, ha ha, but my double does And he told me we're both superseded So why not drop by, burst my bubble for me So simple to be cynical Respond to things with ease Once an attitudes selected Then behavior is a breeze They think they've got it covered But they've got it all wrong Hard people make hard times far worse Not the reverse It's the contemporary trap They want to tell you where it's at When the past is thought irrelevant Our destiny's black For they've limited themselves To an urbanite perspective And the build-up, rear-down Press-gang acid attack Familiarity breeds contempt And suppresses attempts Familiarity breeds contempt Sour seeds grown into stifling creepers Bitterness feeds on a drive alive And now my heart bleeds Familiarity breeds contempt And a row of resentments Familiarity breeds contempt And I'm not exempt.

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Familiarity Breeds Attempts: A Critical Review of Dual-Process Theories of Recognition.

More on Genius. And suddenly they have an "in" to your current account or credit line.

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Leveraging consumer experience and trust in accepted conventions is becoming big business for the criminal fraternity. This is the message consumers we being told — but what is our experience? The experience is informed by other interactions.

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How many of us click willingly on links posted by friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers on social media? How many of us have divulged full bank log-on details to a digital wallet provider or online aggregator for convenience purposes? What we need is a higher level of mutual authentication between customers and their banks, such that true security activity can be assured and criminals shut out.

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The only surprise I want from my bank is exceptional service. As the US market hurtles headlong into the environment of "out of cycle" card replacements having new chip cards issued before the existing magnetic stripe ones have expired , there is a pressing need for heightened consumer awareness of any potential risks, and closer scrutiny of the replacement protocols.

Does Familiarity Breed Contempt? - Christian Vlog

Ratings from native and non-native speakers were positively correlated and an analysis of covariance found that once familiarity with an idiom was accounted for, most of the differences between native and non-native ratings were not significant. Overall, the results suggest that individual experience with idioms plays an important role in how they are perceived and this should be taken into account when selecting stimuli for experimental studies.

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  • Furthermore, the results are suggestive of the inability of speakers to inhibit the figurative meanings for idioms that they are highly familiar with. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Get Access Get Access.