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Germany and virtually all the countries partaking in German development cooperation have ratified the UNCRC and are committed to implementing it. In consequence millions of young people are left without an opportunity to exercise their rights. Germany's National Human Rights Institution presents the focus points of its work in in interviews, debates, reports and comments. Find out more about Germany's state of affairs in the Universal Periodic Review in Geneva and where the UN sees room for improvement of the human rights situation in Germany; how the German Institute for Human Rights stresses international obligations with Amicus curiae briefs in ongoing proceedings; and what role courts should assume in the implementation of the UN CRPD.

PDF, 4 MB. Daliluna, the first Arabic human rights manual for the training of trainers, is as an excerpt also available in English.


The manual introduces methods of human rights education and provides modules on planning, implementation and evaluation of training courses. What is a peccadillo?

"Der Schwarzseher" - helwhigambpiddfer.ml

In German it's called a "Kavalliersdelikt". I don't know how to translate it correctly. Linguee says it's translated as "peccadillo" or "petty crime". However, it can be described as a crime which is so common, that you don't get sued for it.

Aravona A "Kavaliersdelikt" is something which is ethical acceptable in the eyes of the general society. It's a crime which the society doesn't want to be tracked. OddDeer: I suspect the translation you're looking for might be unenforced law. Here is an example picture of such a place: The website of the national park covers this in more detail: In the National Park it is forbidden to sleep outdoors in the open. I have always been there when climbing or together with people who climb. It should go without saying but don't make a fire. Leave the place tidy.

The 'core zones' are the most protected areas. As you said, don't make fires even outside the core zones. Many, many thanks. Sorry for that silly comment though.


Klara Klara 6 6 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. From the source: " In Schutzgebieten ist Campieren in der Regel verboten.

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